Media Consulting

Whether you represent a national media outlet looking to expand your audience or a local firm aiming to seize market dominance, our portfolio…

Political Strategy

A winning campaign needs a message that resonates, but it also requires a pathway to reach likely voters. From digital campaign tactics to…

Social Media Training

With nationally-recognized expertise in creating content that resonates with audiences, we're now bringing our skills to your workplace—and giving your social media professionals…

Public Speaking Training

Your company or campaign's success depends entirely on your ability to inspire and motivate an audience. We've spent decades teaching people how to…

Crisis Communication

While most crisis firms focus on marketing-driven buzzwords, we're focused on research-proven theories of image repair and restoration built off literally centuries of…

The Archive

If it appeared on television, we can probably find it. Our archive of live news and sports programming reaches back to 1969, consumes…


Whoever you are, and wherever you are, your path to success requires initiative and quality. Being first gets your content to audiences ahead of the competition; being best ensures they'll remember it. "Be First & Be Best" is a philosophy that drives our editorial approach, our politics, and our technology development.


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Timothy Burke

President, CEO, Tampe?o, and person extremely enthusiastic about effective digital communication for…
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Being first & being best requires radical solutions. Our proprietary techniques for monitoring, recording, and archiving broadcast video from around the world have consistently made us first at finding newsworthy events as they happen. Our studio features an array of more than 30 monitors running off a selection of workstations running Linux and MacOS.

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